My motto: You see things; and you say, “Why?”
But I dream things that never were; and I say, »Why not?«

Early retirement / I bought the missing years – one of the smartest things I’ve done in my life.

In 2016, I sold everything I owned in Slovenia and moved with my family to the Philippines, where we are starting a new life. Here I am just getting to know what peace and happiness are all about.

I do things that I enjoy, with the people I like, as much as I like.

Practically every day I take time to exercise, swim, meditate, read books, more for a hobby than out of necessity and coordinate the work of our workers in remodeling our lot and planning our new house with a pool.

My wife Melariel now runs our family-owned business, Inmar International. You can see on the link what we are working What we do in business. You can watch Tomaž Gorec’s interview with Aleksander on his Youtube Channel


Together with Mark, they are some of the best things that have happened to me in my life.
She is involved in making online stuff, filming, taking photos, and cooking fantastically.
You can use its gardens and all the vegetables on them just like everything else on our lot.
You can watch Tomaž Gorec’s interview with Melariel on his Youtube Channel



7 years; just the right energetic boy who keeps me youthful. Together with Melariel, they are the basis of my happiness, energy, and motivation.

Here, life and the environment allow us to dedicate much more time to it than in Slovenia. In addition, he has many friends here with whom he can play, create, and enjoy in a relaxed way.