I like our island so much because I experience it as an undiscovered pearl; most tourists have never heard of him. I have never seen a tourist on the beautiful, long sandy beach where I go every morning. And there are quite a few beaches around the island.
Perhaps the most well-known and tourist developed is Santiago beach.

Poro Island – it is connected by road to our island; the capital of Poro; the island is more mountainous; from the top there is a beautiful view surrounding of Camotes islands and it’s a few degrees colder.
Ponson Island; the capital city of Pilar; uninteresting with just one sandy beach
Tulang Diot – an islet across us; it is a romantic fishing village; the islet has a beautiful sandy beach and exceptionally beautiful diving grounds. The boat takes you there for 10 – 20php.

The people here are extremely friendly and practically always smiling. Once the tire of my motorbike broke, 6 people engaged in repairing the tire, without asking me, they put a chair in the shade and told me to wait for my motorbike to be repaired. Price for tire repair 50 pesos – 0,8 €.

I experience Camotes as an oasis of peace; the real opposite of living in Slovenia, where as an entrepreneur I had to work many times from morning to evening, sometimes on weekends, and yet I was often afraid if all the clients would pay, if there would be taxes, if no inspection came…
There are no vignettes here in the Philippines, paying for parking fees, radars, breath tests, and although we now have television, we do not watch TV except for children, so we do not bother to tell us what kind of crap is happening around the world in the news.

Here it is still relatively inexpensive to buy a beautiful property; and all the lots are built.


    • Most understand and speak English
      • especially the young and educated
      • English is the second official language
    • friendly, relaxed and always ready to help
    • for the most part they are very poor but still happy

  • from children, to old people – they all do something because they know they will be hungry if they do not take care of themselves.
  • There is no employment office here to take care for lazy people and those who have been run over by time and there is also no social security, so everyone is doing something to survive.
  • Although the people here are extremely friendly, I do not recommend any unnecessary arrogance and sublime or insulting people. Filipinos are proud people, they have a lot of Spanish blood in them, and if you blame them, this can end very badly.

You will learn a new dimension in life, how you can enjoy it without wasting a huge of money. At the same time, you will be surprised how people who have practically nothing and enjoy life. You can wonder how come, there are so many unhappy people in Slovenia who have virtually everything than these poor Filipinos can dream of, which you will meet here .

At the same time, you will also see how you can once live a part of the year among friendly, happy people, significantly cheaper and more relaxed. And who knows, you might also be excited about having a house here once.

For foreigners who are justifiably concerned about how they will live in Europe or America with their pension, we will arrange a nice relaxed life here, three times cheaper than living at home. In the Philippines, there is no winter, cold, firewood, winter tires, spring, autumn and winter wardrobe …

People here respect you and look at you with admiration, simply because you have white skin and a stranger.