How I see women in the Philippines

Like good fairies compared to women from Western civilization. They care for their families and are extremely responsible, good and hardworking. Despite of extremely difficult conditions they live, they care for their parents, husbands, and children.
I do not mean to say that they are better than European women, but they are different. They are much more humble, positive, cheerful, optimistic and caring.
A Filipino woman sees in an older male-foreigner someone she can trust (which a Filipino man, especially when he is young, cannot), who will look after and respect her. Foreigner in a Filipino family is actually almost God’s blessing for the whole family.
Filipino women do not look at a man as much about his appearance (he does not mind at all if he is fat, bald and unattractive for our situation), but it is very important to them his character.
The idea that a Filipino woman wants a man for money is a misconception; she wants him because of her sense of security and because she believes that he will respect her and give her a life worth living. Regardless of the age difference, which is extremely large for our situation, these women really love their husbands.