What are the dangers here?

Roads and consequently moped / motorcycle accidentsbecause, at night, there are dogs everywhere, huge holes and completely unlit engines – even with trailers – everywhere in the middle of the road. I would add here that most people do not have a driver’s license or have purchased it for a few hundred pesos and have no idea about road safety.
Most of the roads here are through the villages, and at any moment you can run infront of motorcycle, car, a child, a dog, or a cow. Even adults rarely even look left, right before going across the street, or drive off a non-priority road or yard.
Most drive in the high beam here and are completely blinded at night.
Red ants; as soon as you step on their territory they attack you; the dots are itchy, and can turn into an extremely malignant inflammation that can lead to deep wounds and, at worst, gangrene.
The smallest wound it can also turn into a dangerous inflammation – disinfect every small wound IMMEDIATELY with Betadyne. You get it in every pharmacy and most Sari sari stores. Be aware that here are a tropical places, heat and humidity, which is ideal for bacteria and infections.
Sea urchins; it is not dangerous, but it is disgusting, a lot of them; some are very beautiful; Filipinos also eat them.
Corals, if you scratch at them when you swim in low water.
Strong sea current between islands. At high tide, the sea current is so strong that you can practically not swim against it, no matter how hard you try.
Sun and heat; many times i see tourists white as yogurt on a shirtless scooter, in the middle of the day when the sun is burning at full.
Sex without protection; i can’t believe how many such seemingly intelligent men brag about it.
Walking around squatter areas, narcotics areas, outlying red quarters …
To be robbed in the jeepney, when you leave your bags carelessly, your backpacks can be cut through with alpha when you are in the crowd…
Fighting and underestimating, arrogant behavior to the locals, especially when drunk.
FOR ENDING: It’s not dangerous for smart, thoughtful people here. You can also get a bench in Slovenia, or get hit by someone at a pedestrian crossing, not to mention how many motorcyclists get killed by drivers who drive on a priority road without looking.