Why I chose to live in the Philippines

There are several reasons for this decision:
• my wife is Filipino and I love the Philippines as a country
• in the Philippines, on the romantic island of Camotes, in the Visayas Islands, we bought a beautiful overlooking to the sea property and renovated a house on it
• Wonderful nature in 7107 islands
• Very poor but extremely kind, positive, open, respectful and hardworking people
• Currently, the Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in the world
• The official language besides Tagalog is English;
• Cost of living is significantly lower than in Slovenia
• Here you can have a nice and quality life with a 3-member family for around € 1,000 per month, if you already have a house, car, motorbike and other things you need to live
• A good mason gets about € 6.3 a day for his work and € 4 for his assistant
• relatively good infrastructure – airports, shipping and roads
• Clean environment with the exception of cities