Why do I think such an exchange is ideal

We can’t have everything we want in life, and it doesn’t even make sense to buy everything beyond what we think is great. Years ago, I met a family with a huge house in Ljubljana, two businesses, a weekend at the seaside and on Krvavec. These people have been working literally from morning till evening.

The sons did not even have time for the girls and their nightmare was who would go to mow the grass on the weekend, tidy the garden and prune the trees instead of resting and going out with friends to have fun. Instead of enjoying all that life can give us, they suffered from everything they had and needed to sustain. And on top of that, they were constantly in awe of being able to pay all the loans they had to borrow on a regular basis so they could have it all. At the expense of HAVE been robbed of BEING – to be happy, happy, relaxed. They are still slaves to everything they have.

In the future, we will build a nice new house on the property with a swimming pool. My wife and I aim to exchange this house once or twice a year with someone at the other end of the world for a motorhome, sailboat, weekend or house in France, Switzerland, America, and Australia.
In their natural environment (which the hotel never has), we will get to know their culture, tradition, cuisine, and, of course, the local beauty. And all this for the price of return airfare and some little money for sports, pleasure, and sightseeing.