Two years ago, we exchanged it for the first time for motorhome with the Knafeljc family from Logatec and we were all extremely pleased! On our island, they enjoyed completely a different environment and culture than they were used to, and we, with their motorhome, we traveled to Italy, Switzerland and France.

Last year, we agreed with a nice family from Primorje to exchange their sailboat Elan 36. We received exceptional hospitality from them at their home in Sežana and at their weekend house on the Island of Ugljan, where their boat is moored. Enjoyed three weeks between the islands of Kornati and the central Adriatic.

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We are coming to Slovenia again this year from 17 July to 2 October. We will use the time here to visit relatives and friends, and I would also like to show this year to my wife Melariel and my son Mark the beauties and sights of Europe and the Adriatic. For me it’s always been the greatest pleasure to travel by motorhome and sailing and so I decided to exchange our house here in the Philippines with everything we have in return.

A yaer ago, I read a great book called TO HAVE OR TO BE, where the author thinks about how it is possible to enjoy life without trying to have everything that a consumer society has to offer.
I had a sailboat for twelve years in a marina on Krk. I never felt sorry for the moment that I bought it, but sometimes I always ask myself: who actually has whom? Do I have a sailboat, or does she have me, since I spent an average of at least € 8,000-10,000 a year, and she also required quite a bit of my time each spring and fall to prepare for the season and prepare for winter.

In the present period of my life, I have between TO HAVE or TO BE decided for TO BE!
For myself and for my family, I want us to be happy and relaxed, which is difficult or impossible if we, like in the past, constantly chase for money and the hundred things we can buy with money. However, I believe that we can see much of the world while enjoying it without wasting huge sums of money.


Our house in the Philippines, with everything we have, on an exceptionally beautiful place, overlooking the sea, we exchange for the same period of time for motorhome, sailboat or weekend in Slovenia or Croatia. Let’s say for a period of 2, 3 or 4 weeks.
We will be in Slovenia from 17 July to 2 October.

I think this is a Win-Win offer.

Why our house would be empty while in Slovenia and you do not need a motorhome or a sailboat while in the Philippines.

A friend from Budapest with the same way has repeatedly exchange their family home for something like this in France, Canada and many other places around the world, saying that they have never had any major problems, and have made new interesting friends this way. However, prior to the replacement, you would, of course, have to get to know each other well through Skype, and at the same time share many other data and information.

Exchanging last year was exceptionally positive for both families: we looked after their motor home as if it was ours – or even more so, and they took great care of our house, garden, puppy Zoki and enjoyed with our friends from the island who they were received by the meds, just as the Filipinos know.

Last year’s exchanged was also extremely positive; we took good care of their sailboat and they are coming to our house this August.